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I’ll update soon. Halal is it foodcrime? More research is under way.

BTW. Anyone who has time and a sense of humour, and good taste jut contact me.

Kim Jong Il says eating dog is a barbaric act!

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N. Korea bans people from raising pet dogs: report

North Korea has banned residents of Pyongyang from raising pet dogs, Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported Friday.

The North Korean authorities banned the raising of pet dogs for food as the practice has spread to apartments in Pyongyang, the report said. The ban is the second of its kind, following the first in 2008. The reasons given are it undermines sanitation and dirties buildings.

Following the implementation of the measure, the price of dog meat decreased as large amounts came to the market for sale at one time. A source in North Hamgyeong Province said a serving of dog meat soup was priced at $8, down from $10 at a restaurant in a park in downtown Pyongyang, according to the report.

In Pyongyang, an increasing number among the elderly, who are short of money, have been raising pet dogs for food. Some people have been raising as many as 60 animals.

In 2008, North Korea cracked down on the raising of the dogs for food and selling the meat at restaurants after North Korean leader Kim Jong-il described eating it as a “barbarous act.”

Personally the practice of eating dogs doesn’t bother me, though I certainly wouldn’t eat the stuff. It’s the way that the dogs are raised and slaughtered in cruel and very unsanitary conditions that is out of order. I find it amusing that KJI finds the practice barbaric, whilst he lets millions of people up there starve with his ‘military first’ policy. KJI may be a gourmand with a taste for the finer things in life, but he’s obviously a bit of a lunatic too.

Here is a link to a fascinating article about KJI’s ‘pizza obsession’ – I Made Pizza for Kim Jong-Il. Maybe he got fed up with sweet potatoes and sweetcorn and other junk being added to his pizzas. If I was KJI any cook who put sweetcorn, mayo, sweet potato or anything else of a ‘foodcrime’ nature on my pizza would be lined up against the kitchen wall and shot! I guess it would be a ‘perk’ of the job to be able to execute food criminals.

Pirates Love Korean Food!

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I’m very happy that the Korean Navy did such an excellent job on those pesky Somalian pirates. Those pirates are a menace to both commercial and leisure craft going through the Gulf of Aden, and even going down further South into the Indian Ocean they’re a serious hazard. A funny story is in the news at the moment regarding the 5 captured pirates and their love of Korean jail food. I’ll let you read it now.

In the early morning hours of Jan. 31, five Somali pirates were transferred to Busan, where they were interrogated for seven hours by Busan’s Coast Guard. On their first night in jail, they finished their meal and apparently slept soundly, officials said.

After investigations, the pirates arrived at the Busan office of the Korea Coast Guard at 6:30 p.m. After receiving medical checks, they were briefed on the cell rules and officially locked up at 7 p.m. They were assigned to three cells, two containing two each and one solely occupied.

Dinner was served at 7:25 p.m. The menu included rice, kimchi, doenjang or bean paste soup, fried eggs, and japchae, or traditional Korean sweet potato vermicelli with vegetables. The local coast guard said that the pirates ate all their food, leaving not a trace of any of the side dishes, even. Afterwards, they washed, were briefed again on the cell regulations and retired shortly after 9 p.m.

The pirates slept all night without waking or any disturbances, said a coast guard official.

In the morning of the 31st, the pirates washed and had a breakfast of rice, dried fish (pollack) soup, fried eggs, kimchi, and tofu.

When asked in English how they found Korean food, one of the pirates replied, “Good, good,” the official said.

“The pirates were neither afraid nor nervous and spent their first night in the cells with great composure. Although they have committed serious crimes, we are remembering that, as ‘foreigner pirates,’ they are unique suspects and we are doing our utmost to maintain cell safety and security.”

The pirates were transferred to the South Regional Headquarters of the Korea Coast Guard where they underwent a second day of interrogation.


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Wang Thai : KoreanFoodCrime Free Area In Itaewon!

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OK, I’ve been criticised a little bit for being overly negative-critical on this humble blog. In response I’m posting something most out of character for this blog! A friend took us to dinner last night, and wow it was a seriously delicious meal. The best meal in Korea since eating at the superb (though pricey) restaurant at the top of the Namsan Tower.

Wang Thai restaurant next to Burger King and above KEB bank is awesome, simply awesome. The servers seem to be all Korean, but the service is excellent. The cooks are apparently all Thai so the food is superb. It’s actually the best Thai food I’ve had the pleasure to devour outside of Thailand. For Korea (where you always pay a premium for non-Korean food) the prices are more than reasonable, and the food is excellent. The room is also very nice.

I had the Roast Duck in Red Curry Sauce and it was sublime. For appetisers we enjoyed delicious spring rolls perfectly cooked and some delicious (almost Malay-Indonesian style) sate with peanut sauce. For mains I ordered duck ( I love consuming Donald and his feathery friends!). It was delicious roast, perfectly cooked, duck in a wonderful flavoursome red curry sauce, my dining companions, ordered some Pad Thai, an assortment of curries and some rice. The attentive service staff even gave us a complimentary dessert of banana in coconut milk, simple yet delicious. We didn’t order wine, but on perusing the wine list the prices were very competitive, and the choice of beverages was varied and obviously tailored to go with the food, they even had Thai whiskey!

The service was outstanding. The only ‘criminal’ nature of this report on a brilliant restaurant is that there are so few places that offer the quality, service and dining pleasures that Wang Thai offer in Korea. I think it will become a regular haunt of ours. Wang Thai get two thumbs up from this writer, brilliant stuff.

See, I’m not all negative after all!

Kim Jong-Il: The Greatest Food Criminal Of All

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More from the KT. I despise the KT and its sloppy ‘journalism’, I also don’t appreciate nonsense like this. The almost fawning tone of the following articlce about a man who makes Osama Bin Laden look like fucking Santa Claus makes me sicker than eating spoiled oysters (I had them in Yeosu and was on the toilet for two days).

Determined to Feed His People (To Sharks?)

Kim Jong-il
North Korea leader

North Korea’s paramount leader Kim Jong-il is reportedly determined to realize his father’s will, which he has so far failed to achieve: feeding the people.

“I am resolute in my determination to enhance people’s living standards in the shortest possible time so that they don’t have to envy the life of people in other countries,” he said, according to a North Korea’s official Web site, Uriminjokkiri.

Kim’s father, Kim Il-sung, was a famous guerilla fighter against the Japanese colonial occupiers and founded the nation.

Kim Il-sung left a will that called for building a nation in which people could “eat rice and meat soup, wear clothes made of silk and live in a shingle-roofed house,” an expression that symbolizes a well-off living state.

“Even though our nation has become a powerful state in terms of political ideology and the military, but it is much lacking in terms of people’s living standards,” Yonhap cited the web site, saying Kim’s remark had originally appeared on the state-run Rodong Sinmun.

“We have yet to realize the will of the late supreme leader,” Kim said, mentioning the common title of his late father.

“Currently, the (Worker’s) party is unfolding a great scheme and operations to bring about the critical turning point for improving people’s livelihood,” Kim said, in the report.

KJI is scum personified. It would be very easy to feed the poor unfortunate North Korean people if they stopped spending all their money on weapons, and wasting all their human resources propping up a failed regime. When I visited the DMZ (the border between North and South Korea) I was shocked at how short the North Korean soldiers were. Most of them are the size South Korean children! The army in the North get the bulk of the food and other resources so regular North Korean people must be emaciated dwarves by comparison. It is interesting in that whilst the regular North Korean folks are mostly starving to death,(fascinating article here>)  KJI binges himself on the finest foods from all over the world. I do hope the wanker dies soon.

Whilst there are, without a shadow of a doubt, food criminals in South Korea, the evil regime in the North have taken food criminality to a much greater level than even the most devious South Korean culinary saboteurs. Let’s all hope he intends to feed his people with food rather than the approach he took to the UN nuclear inspector Hans Blix!

Japanese Journalist Recieves Death Threats From ‘Enraged’ Nutizens Over Bimbimbap Comment

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The Korean times, always a good source of comedy gold, ran this as their front page story!

Bibimbap Controversy Was Caused by ‘Misunderstanding’

Kuroda Katsuhiro, Seoul bureau chief of the Japanese right-leaning Sankei Shimbun, who created controversy for his derogatory remark on a Korean dish, said there was some “misunderstanding.”

In his Saturday column titled “Bibimbap Terror?” on Sankei, Kuroda said his earlier calling bibimbap as”Yang Du Gu Yuk” (羊頭狗肉) was meant to be a humor, Chosun Ilbo reported.

Yang Du Gu Yuk literally means “to hang a lamb’s head outside the shop to lure customers, but actually sells a dog meat.” It’s comparable to the English expression of “crying wine, and selling vinegar.”

In his December column, titled “Tormenting Bibimbap,” Kuroda used the expression to decry bibimbap, which is a popular Korean dish that is served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with saut?ed and seasoned vegetables with a raw or fried egg on the top.

Bibimbap is gaining popularity abroad, including in the U.S.

South Korea has launched a campaign to promote it globally.

Kuroda expressed his doubts about the globalization potential of bibimbap. “Bibimbap looks good when it is put on the table at first. But once the vegetables, the egg and rice and everything get mixed by the spoon, it transforms into something that is unidentifiable,” he said at that time. “I fear an American who ordered this dish might be shocked to see this羊頭狗肉.”

His demeaning remark enraged some Koreans.

In response, he said on Saturday that his choice of the expression was meant to be a humor.

“I understand that the term is commonly used in Japan, but it is perceived as a very derogatory expression in Korea,” he said.

He added: “When I heard that Korea wanted to promote bibimbap globally, I just gave my own opinion about it in an honest manner as a foreigner who has lived in Korea for 30 years.

“But the Korean society is unwilling to accept it.”

Kuroda also said that he has been feeling unsafe in Korea since making the remark. “I received calls, threatening to kill me or asking the location of my residence. I may have to seek protection from the police,” he said.

He ended his column by saying, “Actually, I like bibimbap very much. I am eating it a lot these days.”

I maintain a fair level of discretion on this blog precisely for this very reason, death threats for being critical of a bowl of rice with weeds and an egg! The level of insanity of Korean nutizen foodcriminals truly boggles the mind at times! I don’t particularly have a hate-on for bibimbap, but why promote it? If people want to eat it they can, all they need to do is weed their garden, boil some rice, grab an egg and hey presto you have bibimbap.

Merry Xmas

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Though I’m not a Christian, I bloody love Christmas.

It’s a good opportunity to hang out with loved ones, eat great food, drink some nice booze and have a good time.

Wishing all the readers of this humble blog a very merry Xmas and a prosperous and fantastic new year.

BTW. I’m not doing food crime tomorrow. I’m doing Duck with Clementines with a Red Wine Jus, Roast Potato, and steamed seasonal veg + a nice cheese plate.

Here’s to wishing you a very happy (foodcrime free) 2010!



Korean ‘Chefs’ Attack Italian Cuisine!

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Do not go to Macaroni Market in Itaewon. It is quite possibly the worst attempt at Italian food I’ve ever had the misfortune to be served. And that’s coming from someone who has lived in Korea for quite some time so I have seen some foodcrime atrocities of the highest order. This time the crime is not just the dreadful food, but also the deception and fraud like nature of their activities in Itaewon.

Walking into the place the initial impression is that it will actually be quite reasonable. The waiters are all smart and attentive, the room is roomy and nice, it has an open kitchen, all very good things. I should have had my alarm bells ringing when I noticed that all the chefs were Korean!

I ordered the Vongole, the missus ordered some Tomato thing (I didn’t catch the name of the dish). The missus’ was edible-nothing special, my pasta was not cooked. I’m not talking al dente as it should be, but about 5 minutes undercooked and I had to send it back, it was replaced and this time they hadn’t bothered cleaning the clams properly and they were full of grit. I filled up on bread, the bread was actually OK.

I asked for the wine list and was frankly fucking astonished about how expensive it was! The prices were ludicrous, 80 thousand won for plonk, 200+ for anything half decent. Absolutely fucking ridiculously overpriced, we mostly drank water.

All in all 3 glasses of Champagne, 1 Glass of nasty white wine and two very very mediocre tiny portions of spaghetti with sauce and a bit of bread, set us back a cool 80.000 won. Fucking outrageously overpriced, and the food was terrible, for that kind of money I’d expect something a little better. I could make that meal myself 10x better and for a tenth the cost. We were a party of ten so the bill’s total was about 400,000 won! Nobody was impressed with their food. That is basically theft as far as I’m concerned

To the food criminals at Macaroni Market a hearty ‘F**k YOU!’. Do not go there, it is shit. Avoid this crappy place like the plague. It may look nice inside and the food does look OK, but it is simply very expensive crap. I’m not a cheapskate, I’ll willingly hand over a wad of money to a restaurant that produces quality, I do recognise that you have to pay for quality. However I do not appreciate being ripped off and conned and that is the foodcrime that Macaroni Market are guilty off.

I sincerely hope that some Italian mobsters get wind of this place and kneecap the proprietors of this insult to Italian cuisine.


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Yummy! ;p

Nasty shit, and I can’t believe I haven’t posted an exposé of this shocking foodcrime. Any convenience store in Korea will carry this delicacy in a canned form. The worst however is when it is sold on the street, generally it is steaming and the liquid evaporating of the larvae smells just like urine!

Hmm! A tasty treat of ‘urine bugs’ is what we all want to quaff down after a few beers isn’t it?

I did try Bee Larvae in Vietnam, that was pretty disgusting but at least it didn’t smell of piss.


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First off, sorry for the lack of updates recently. I’ve got a whole load of cases and could really do with an assistant-intern to help out tracking down and researching rogue foodcrime miscreants.

This post is inspired by the ‘Vankers’ a Korean group dedicated to misleading people into believing that ‘The Sea of Japan’ is actually ‘The East Sea’ despite the fact that ‘East’ is relative and if Japan didn’t exist it would be called ‘The Pacific Ocean’, the Vankers certainly wish that Japan didn’t exist. Copernicus and Galileo got into less trouble with religious idiots than you would if you mentioned Takeshima or The Sea of Japan to these nutjobs! Anyway back to foodcrime as I stumbled upon this illiterate piece of nonsense on their site earlier. They’re not just promoting foodcrime, but ‘language crime’ judging by a cursory look through their site!

Globalization of Korean Food

Recently in Korea, to make Korean food globalize prevails. Because, it would be able to let Korean culture being introduced through that and Koreans can generate high added value. Eating healthy foods is today’s trend. In this point, Korean food has a lot of possibilities to succeed in the world’s food market. Chinese and Japanese foods which are East Asian foods proved it already.

Korean food is worth to being confident. But the reality is far more than the ideal. Most of the overseas Korean restaurants are putting out of business, and most of the customers are Korean tourists or the Koreans who live in overseas. Sometimes the coolest restaurants get the motive from the Korean food, but most of the foreigners don’t know that was coming from Korean food.

It happens because Korean foods are not familiar with most foreigners in the world. Most foreigners had or heard Japanese Susi or Soba but less people know Korean foods like Kimchi and Bulgogi. Even those people know only little or partial information, such as Korean food is hot and spicy. These cause the prejudices that Korean foods are not good for health and unsanitary.

It happens because of several reasons follow. First, foreigners couldn’t get accurate information about Korean food before. Most websites which introduce Korean foods provide only simple and short introductions about each Korean foods and recipes. For example Bulgogi is this or Kimchi is this. These introductions are not appropriate to introduce uniqueness of Korean foods’ culture like Hangsang, which means you put all prepared foods in one table. It’s rather to introduce one cuisine with further side dishes together which goes well with that cuisine. Furthermore, it could be better if these websites introduce table manners and Korean food culture together and it makes foreigners like you would be much familiar with Korean foods.

Second, Koreans need to introduce Korean foods in the point of view of foreigners not Koreans. I think it is important to combine Korean food with other countries’ food culture as well as to introduce Korean foods. Especially there are some parts in Korean food culture which is not acceptable for most foreigners, such as table setting or eating the food in a dish together.
So I think Koreans should improve that matters for foreigners not to feel reluctance.

Third, when they foreigners try to prepare or learn how to cook Korean foods, they always should face so many Korean and abstract words that are difficult to understand and buy. These words should be translated into the exact and replaced words.

I think it’s important to research how to make better taste of Korean foods for foreigners. Although Koreans like normal tastes of Korean foods and is still good for health, but it can be felt differently for foreigners. In order to do this, we should survey the foreigners’ opinions and understand which is to be corrected or which is to be used.

I think if these things improved sooner or later, Korean foods could be much familiar for foreigners in the world.

By Gunseon Jin

Gunsone Jin is a foodcrime denier of the highest order, and a serious threat to both the food world and the English language.

Thailand,  the EU countries, the US,  Australia, Mexico, China, Vietnam, Morocco and many other places around the world don’t promote their food, they don’t need to as a lot of it is bloody fantastic. The cuisines promote themselves by being fucking brilliant. When it comes to grandiose ideas about promoting ‘ Hansick’ (Korean food) I think why bother? Polishing a turd is a fairly pointless activity, kind of like putting lipstick on a pig. Most foreigners don’t need education regarding Korean food. If they like food, and have any kind of palate, Korean food is pretty much at the bottom of the list. My question to the Vankers is ‘Why promote eating shit?’

I really need make no more comment, the accused has basically admitted his crimes.