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I Guess, We’re Out Of BETA, Next Up FISHCRIME!!

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We still have a lot of work to do.

In a similar style to the Dog Crime, thing this time it is much, much more serious.

The infishtigation over fish crime is getting intense. The more I uncover and the more I want to get this right.

I’ve been working off and on, regarding the article today and I really wanted to put more effort in. The more I discover about AsianKoreanFishFoodCrime the more I want to get my teeth into the case. It’s a very deep and complicated issue. It involves corrupt govenment, fishy fishers and some people who just want to make a buck or twenty. (it’s a billion dollar a year industry, so I’m being a bit James Bond about it)

If any volunteers want to help out on this truly serious issue then contact me @

foodcrime101@rocketmail if that doesn’t work then just comment. I think the site is attracting criminal attention already!

I reckon the initial article will be finished before my holiday starts.

Is this how seriously, Chinese people want to wipe out Sharks? I hope not, I really enjoyed diving with reef sharks so I really hope that the Chinese, Malays and Koreans don’t eat all of them before I get the chance to do it again.

This is a work in progress, a serious and well thought out post is coming soon.

PS. Does anyone know how to get the smileys working?


ITN: Dog Torture Report

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Not for the fainthearted. Still a hidden industry, still illegal and still happening. Dog torture, genuine food crime.

As a meat eater myself I personally wouldn’t eat dog, but if others want to that is fine by me. What I do object to is the cruelty and the deliberate infliction of pain on the poor doggies to give Korean men with erectile dysfunction problems hard ons. The ridiculous and barbaric belief that tortured dogs help men have sex better, or better sex, is barbaric and backwards.

Korea, Sparkling?

More like

Korea, Torturing!

I wish upon the dog torturers the same fate as the poor dogs and cats get.

Not criminal, but certainly very weird.

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People in Korea eat live squid and octopi.

Not really criminal, but pretty damn strange.

Follow Up : More Pizza Crime

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I think that Korea is a pretty safe place.  One reason it is safe is the lack of firearms. If I had a gun here I would be sorely tempted to take justice into my own hands and not leave it to the courts. Possibly the most serious food-televisual crime uncovered yet. Just watch it and see.

I generally don’t have a problem with vegetarians, I do have a problem with this food criminal. I feel like grabbing the imbecile by the throat and screaming ‘THAT IS NOT A F***ING PIZZA YOU C**T!’

Also what kind of retard (or should it be ‘ricetard‘?) puts foil in a microwave?

Ongoing Case : More Investigation Into Lotte Is Needed

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Lotte seem to have some rather scary products. An informant put this disturbing image up on a board where I’m a member. Apparently it is some kind of Hanwoo (Korean beef) and mushroom burger. From the visual evidence in this case I’m not sure whether the green matter on the top of the burger is snot or Broccoli, or even whether the weird sauce is cheese or semen? It is a mystery.

Don’t worry, investigations are ongoing and we will get to the bottom of this heinous act of foodcrime. Anyone who can help with this ongoing case please contact us at Korean Foodcrime Rogues Gallery.

Pizza : Foreigner Fugitive Flees

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This may be one of a series. Koreans manage to screw up pizza worse than any other non-Korean food. This video is obviously a little tongue-in-cheek, but at the same time it does illustrate the nasty things they can manage with Italian food… Just watch it and wince!

Rain: Wanted Suspect

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Rain also known as Pee AKA DJ Urine as been appointed Hanshik Ambassador!

Congrats Rain! Well done old boy!

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has appointed Rain as the Hansik Ambassador. For the next coming year, Rain will be starring in the Hansik promotional videos and participate in the related major Hansik activities to help foreigners to learn and enjoy Korean food.

Rain expressed: “My favorite Korean food is Doekbokki. As a new publicity ambassador, I would strive hard to carry out the series of promotional activities.”

Minister Chang Tae Pyong said this while presenting Rain with a plaque and certificate at his office in Gacheon Government Complex: “I was very confident about Rain being the Hansik Ambassador. Even though Hansik is still a ‘New star’ on the world stage but as long as we put in the efforts, I believe that Hansik can become a ‘World star’ like Rain.

Words almost fail me. Rain’s defence of foodcrime almost makes me want to sneak across the DMZ and become a communist. The only thing that’s keeping me from taking that route is that one of KJI’s grandsons is a big Rain fan!!!