Kim Jong-Il: The Greatest Food Criminal Of All

More from the KT. I despise the KT and its sloppy ‘journalism’, I also don’t appreciate nonsense like this. The almost fawning tone of the following articlce about a man who makes Osama Bin Laden look like fucking Santa Claus makes me sicker than eating spoiled oysters (I had them in Yeosu and was on the toilet for two days).

Determined to Feed His People (To Sharks?)

Kim Jong-il
North Korea leader

North Korea’s paramount leader Kim Jong-il is reportedly determined to realize his father’s will, which he has so far failed to achieve: feeding the people.

“I am resolute in my determination to enhance people’s living standards in the shortest possible time so that they don’t have to envy the life of people in other countries,” he said, according to a North Korea’s official Web site, Uriminjokkiri.

Kim’s father, Kim Il-sung, was a famous guerilla fighter against the Japanese colonial occupiers and founded the nation.

Kim Il-sung left a will that called for building a nation in which people could “eat rice and meat soup, wear clothes made of silk and live in a shingle-roofed house,” an expression that symbolizes a well-off living state.

“Even though our nation has become a powerful state in terms of political ideology and the military, but it is much lacking in terms of people’s living standards,” Yonhap cited the web site, saying Kim’s remark had originally appeared on the state-run Rodong Sinmun.

“We have yet to realize the will of the late supreme leader,” Kim said, mentioning the common title of his late father.

“Currently, the (Worker’s) party is unfolding a great scheme and operations to bring about the critical turning point for improving people’s livelihood,” Kim said, in the report.

KJI is scum personified. It would be very easy to feed the poor unfortunate North Korean people if they stopped spending all their money on weapons, and wasting all their human resources propping up a failed regime. When I visited the DMZ (the border between North and South Korea) I was shocked at how short the North Korean soldiers were. Most of them are the size South Korean children! The army in the North get the bulk of the food and other resources so regular North Korean people must be emaciated dwarves by comparison. It is interesting in that whilst the regular North Korean folks are mostly starving to death,(fascinating article here>)  KJI binges himself on the finest foods from all over the world. I do hope the wanker dies soon.

Whilst there are, without a shadow of a doubt, food criminals in South Korea, the evil regime in the North have taken food criminality to a much greater level than even the most devious South Korean culinary saboteurs. Let’s all hope he intends to feed his people with food rather than the approach he took to the UN nuclear inspector Hans Blix!


3 Responses to “Kim Jong-Il: The Greatest Food Criminal Of All”

  1. thebobster Says:

    “It would be very easy to feed the poor unfortunate North Korean people if they stopped spending all their money on weapons, and wasting all their human resources propping up a failed regime.”

    The famines that have been happening up there, each one, were caused by climatic events – heavy rains that caused flood and decimation of the rice harvest. Yes, it would be possible for Pyeongyang to feed its people if they hadn’t saddled their country with dickheaded priorities and a dumbass centralized economy … but not easy, no, not exactly.

    Historically, North Korea has always had poor agriculture compared to the Southern half of the peninsula, largely due to terrain and colder weather. For foodstuffs, they’ve always relied heavily on trade of their mineral resources, which are plentiful – it’s been true for centuries.

    Prior to the demarcation, the northern region’s main supplier of foodstuffs was the breadbasket here in the South. Therefore, besides idiotic despots in charge over there, one other reason for hunger in the North is the very existence of the DMZ that divides the country in half and prevents that trade from occurring.

  2. koreanfoodcrime Says:

    What prevents them trading with China? They have a lot of natural resources, but can’t exploit them because of the inefficient use of manpower, loads of guys stood around with guns instead of working. Loads of workers building Kim’s palaces instead of working the land or producing products they could trade. Schools spending most of their working day indoctrinating the kids instead of giving them marketable skills that would help make them into a productive workforce. The weather has an influence, but other people live in even worse environments and thrive.

  3. thebobster Says:

    “What prevents them trading with China?”

    They do, of course. China is their largest trading partner, though actually it’s more in the way of economic assistance. From what I’ve been reading, China’s food aid goes directly to the NK military, and that allows aid from other countries (World Food Program) to get distributed to the general population without risk that the soldiers would not still be getting more.

    North Korea has a lot of mineral resources, but so does China. Most of the trade is going into NK from China, not both ways. (Except for human trafficking, which is mostly what is coming out.) South Korea imports the bulk of its raw manufacturing materials from overseas. If it weren’t for the DMZ, they wouldn’t have to, of course, they’d get iron and other metals to build ships and cell phones from their brothers up North, and they’d send food there in exchange.

    The weather has an influence, but other people live in even worse environments and thrive.”

    Sure, I’m just pointing out that there’s more at work here than just moronic and selfish leadership. And climate change is having a strong effect already all over Asia – rice yields have declined in a lot of countries around here since the turn of the new century – so what’s been happening, food-wise, up North is not only and entirely explained by inept leadership.

    Countries that have worse climate, when they do thrive, often do so by importing food and exporting something else. The international trade restrictions against N Korea – along with their own self-imposed juche idiocy – make that more problematical than for a country like Sweden, for instance.

    Yeah, we can blame a lot on the clowns in charge up there, but not quite everything.

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