Kim Jong Il says eating dog is a barbaric act!

N. Korea bans people from raising pet dogs: report

North Korea has banned residents of Pyongyang from raising pet dogs, Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported Friday.

The North Korean authorities banned the raising of pet dogs for food as the practice has spread to apartments in Pyongyang, the report said. The ban is the second of its kind, following the first in 2008. The reasons given are it undermines sanitation and dirties buildings.

Following the implementation of the measure, the price of dog meat decreased as large amounts came to the market for sale at one time. A source in North Hamgyeong Province said a serving of dog meat soup was priced at $8, down from $10 at a restaurant in a park in downtown Pyongyang, according to the report.

In Pyongyang, an increasing number among the elderly, who are short of money, have been raising pet dogs for food. Some people have been raising as many as 60 animals.

In 2008, North Korea cracked down on the raising of the dogs for food and selling the meat at restaurants after North Korean leader Kim Jong-il described eating it as a “barbarous act.”

Personally the practice of eating dogs doesn’t bother me, though I certainly wouldn’t eat the stuff. It’s the way that the dogs are raised and slaughtered in cruel and very unsanitary conditions that is out of order. I find it amusing that KJI finds the practice barbaric, whilst he lets millions of people up there starve with his ‘military first’ policy. KJI may be a gourmand with a taste for the finer things in life, but he’s obviously a bit of a lunatic too.

Here is a link to a fascinating article about KJI’s ‘pizza obsession’ – I Made Pizza for Kim Jong-Il. Maybe he got fed up with sweet potatoes and sweetcorn and other junk being added to his pizzas. If I was KJI any cook who put sweetcorn, mayo, sweet potato or anything else of a ‘foodcrime’ nature on my pizza would be lined up against the kitchen wall and shot! I guess it would be a ‘perk’ of the job to be able to execute food criminals.


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