Wang Thai : KoreanFoodCrime Free Area In Itaewon!

OK, I’ve been criticised a little bit for being overly negative-critical on this humble blog. In response I’m posting something most out of character for this blog! A friend took us to dinner last night, and wow it was a seriously delicious meal. The best meal in Korea since eating at the superb (though pricey) restaurant at the top of the Namsan Tower.

Wang Thai restaurant next to Burger King and above KEB bank is awesome, simply awesome. The servers seem to be all Korean, but the service is excellent. The cooks are apparently all Thai so the food is superb. It’s actually the best Thai food I’ve had the pleasure to devour outside of Thailand. For Korea (where you always pay a premium for non-Korean food) the prices are more than reasonable, and the food is excellent. The room is also very nice.

I had the Roast Duck in Red Curry Sauce and it was sublime. For appetisers we enjoyed delicious spring rolls perfectly cooked and some delicious (almost Malay-Indonesian style) sate with peanut sauce. For mains I ordered duck ( I love consuming Donald and his feathery friends!). It was delicious roast, perfectly cooked, duck in a wonderful flavoursome red curry sauce, my dining companions, ordered some Pad Thai, an assortment of curries and some rice. The attentive service staff even gave us a complimentary dessert of banana in coconut milk, simple yet delicious. We didn’t order wine, but on perusing the wine list the prices were very competitive, and the choice of beverages was varied and obviously tailored to go with the food, they even had Thai whiskey!

The service was outstanding. The only ‘criminal’ nature of this report on a brilliant restaurant is that there are so few places that offer the quality, service and dining pleasures that Wang Thai offer in Korea. I think it will become a regular haunt of ours. Wang Thai get two thumbs up from this writer, brilliant stuff.

See, I’m not all negative after all!


4 Responses to “Wang Thai : KoreanFoodCrime Free Area In Itaewon!”

  1. thebobster Says:

    I don’t know if I’m the one you you’re referring to about negativity on this site – it’s something I recall telling you in conversation, but it was with regard to the entire concept. Tell the truth, I wasn’t sure if it was wide enough in scope to be able to justify an entire blog. In fact, though, you haven’t really talked much about Korean cuisine – the bibim bap article was about Korean netizens more than about the food itself – and once you’ve gotten past bosintang and beondaeggi, and oddities found in bakeries, you’re going to run out of weirdness pretty quickly. And I note you’ve already had to go somewhat afield and blame Koreans for Chinese shark fin soup, and even venture into geopolitics re N Korea …

    I think the restaurant reviews are useful, but I’ll dispute with you on whether Koreans can ever be trusted to do it right. I’ve eaten good thai food prepared by a Korean lady – she went through the culinary school in Chang Mai and then opened her own place in Myeongdong, though it folded after a few years due to the high rent there. Perhaps she made the food too authentic instead of pandering to the local taste, I dunno.

    If you are going to posit that Korean people can’t be trusted in the kitchen you really should do some work and at least speculate about the reasons for it. Otherwise, despite your disclaimers in the Mission Statement, people will likely gather that you just don’t like or respect Koreans at all. And once we see the blog from that perspective, we’re not likely to be surprised next time we read it.

    I ‘m gonna give Wang Thai a try next time I’m in the area. Sounds cool.

  2. koreanfoodcrime Says:

    Wang Thai is good, we should do lunch there sometime.

    There is a reason that many restaurants boast that they have ‘All Foreign Chefs’, there are Turkish, Thai, Indian, Pakistani, Austrian, Italian, North American, South American, French places and they all use that as a marketing thing, it makes complete sense! Korean ‘chefs’ bugger everything up by trying to ‘improve’ the dish. I’m not ‘anti-fusion’ food, American style pizza can be pretty good for example, though I prefer Italian. I like some Korean fried chicken places, the chicken is excellent in some of those restaurants despite the sides generally sucking big fat donkey balls.

    I do like Korea generally, and most Koreans are no better or worse than other people I’ve met anywhere else I’ve travelled. Generally the people are nice enough, it’s a lot of the food that is shocking! They even bugger up Korean food! If you happen to like strawberry jam in your tuna sandwich then Korea is a Mecca for you! Hence the blog.

    Bob, really I think you underestimate how much foodcrime there is out there. It could be (honestly) a full time job researching and exposing acts of culinary mischief in Korea. I actually have quite a serious backlog of stuff to get through in regards to my investigations. Honestly I can’t stomach a lot of the weird stuff that Koreans get up to, I’ve thought about contacting that Bear Grylls chap on ‘Discovery Channel’ to come and eat some of the more exotic delicacies available to the gourmand here, that bugger will eat anything!

    Anyway, let’s do lunch sometime. I’d like to go back to Wang Thai or somewhere else decent soon. I like to cook, but sometimes it is nice to go out.

  3. Kelly Frances Says:

    I adore this place. AGREED 500%

  4. Merry christmas friend
    visit from Turkey
    greeting u

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