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‘Gayness’ @ Tous Les Jours

Posted in Uncategorized on October 4, 2009 by koreanfoodcrime

Frankly I don’t have a problem with gay folks, like vegetarianism, it’s really none of my business what you decide to shove in your face (or in your arse). However, some of the adverts for the foodcrime bakery chain Tous Les Jours are frankly worrying in their ‘high camp’ styles. Gay people are not retarded, and the way that ‘camp’ is portrayed in their ads is deeply worrying and could lead to ‘hate’ speech and even attacks on homosexuals.

Evidence #1 The insipid music, the dreadful ‘acting’, it all makes me retch. Some Koreans seem to think ‘retarded’ is cute. I don’t find retarded people cute, Forrest Gump was OK as a film but I don’t fancy that Hanks fella, Hoffman was excellent in ‘Rainman’ but you wouldn’t catch me chewing his sausage (nor one of TLJ’s revolting Pizza -with hotdog- abominations). As well as Tous Les Jours producing some of the worst baking I’ve ever had the misfortune to consume (hmm sugared Garlic Bread anyone?) they also produce TV crime making them doubly culpable for their sins. Why can’t Korean bakery chains produce quality bread like they manage to make in Vietnam. I guess you could blame the poor standard of Korea’s bakeries on the fact that the Vietnamese were colonized by the French whereas the Koreans were colonized by the Japanese. So sad.

Evidence #2 ‘I’m corny, corny, corny, corny!’

Evidence #3 Retarded faces. A book is not a good disguise and would only fool an utter moron, a pen is not a bloody moustache, and a Postit note is not something you stick to your face, normal people post them on a desk, computer monitor or a shelf, if you post it on your face how can you read the fucking thing???. And, NO your ‘faces’ are not cute, and in fact you look like cretins

Case closed, defendants guilty, 20 years and no parole.

My neighbours (no shit) Big Bang are queer and have girls swarming over them. I guess the old adage that you ‘can’t always get what you want’ runs especially true if you’re a hetro girl and you really want a gay man. It must be a shame that they live in a building that is little better than a squat and the only ‘groupies’ they get are about 12 years old. Sad, stories right there.